Monday, April 19, 2010


laura's letter for her bestfriend, debby.

dear debby,
i am so thankful that i have you in my life and the fact that i saw an angel in you. and having you makes me content and pleased. there was such a plenty types of friends in this world and you are the true bestfriend type and i am so lucky for i having you. but debby, we havent talk heart by heart lately, didnt we? we never go to shopping together anymore. instead, we didnt having lunch or dinner together anymore. we never do stuff together...anymore. i am so sorry if i make you feel upset. i know sometimes im being such a mess and i guess i ruined everything about us. but for sure, i would never ever hurt you, bestfriend. i am not perfect but i do loves you. we've been friends for a long time and please...dont go. i love you debby. :(

for me, our friendship is a miracle itself.... a bless... a strength that enable us to go along this bumpy road knowing things will be just fine. for i know, i have you who cares enough about me no matter what happens....or what wrong i may do. are you feel the same debby? we sign our cards BFF and i was totally hoping that its meant forever. but i guess.... we are falling apart. :(
not by distance... or time... but us. you... me... us... please debby...tell me that i am so much wrong!

i am thankful, for your friendship, for your sisterhood... and i know, i am not the bestest friend you ever had. but... one thing for sure... you are my true bestfriend. i love you.
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