Sunday, April 11, 2010


i am on my bed reading some notes for my final when he call me and told me that he couldnt call me for this week because he's gonna be so much busy with his work. ya, i should understand him and that is the best way for us now. i'm gonna have my final and i need some space to study. thanks love.

but deep in my heart, i am missing him so bad. i wish i could see him on this coming christmas but it seems never come true. he's still tied with his schedule and we cant do nothing about that. he was far away at Kuching and he will get his break on february next year. it seems like we cant celebrate this coming christmas and the new year together. :(

i have been thinking so much about us. how bad i am and how cruel he had been. how much i love him and how much he had sacrificed. how deep we've been through this journey and how much we had fought! how much we've give and take. then, i realize..i should be someone who could heal his pain. someone who always can make he laugh. we can make this out dear..

we can through this and we will be happy ever after. i had been so much bad to you and i am so sorry..all of this time, im just think about what i want and i forgot that this is not just about me. but this is about us. you and me. i guess i should pay more attention on you. on us. not just me. i have to make you happy dear. and i know that you were always trying your best to not let me falling apart anymore.

in a true relationship, we give and take. we trust each other. i will trust you and i know you're on your way to trust me. for sure, i will be all that you want and get myself together.

ever thine, ever mine, ever ours.

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