Tuesday, April 20, 2010


10 pm last night...
i saw Dakota.
she looks so depress and gloomy.
i wanna ask her..
why did she looks that way.
but i cant...coz she is keep crying.
i have no idea what to do...
then i just let her crying in my shoulder.
if only i knew why did she was crying...

2 am...
i was about to sleep.
Dakota call and she said she was on
her way to meet me.
i am not surprise...

i knew Dakota.
she was in a bad situation.
when Dakota arrived...
we have this conversation.
a very long conversation.
and i guess it is one of our deep conversation.
all this time...
she has nobody to talk to...
i am the one.

she told me that she feel so lonely.
she's deeply wanna be loved.
then as always i told her..

"i deeply loves you"

but she says...
"it is not enough!"

again...i am not surprise.
she wanted everyone loves her.
and i told her it is impossible!
and she's start crying.

i am wordless!

Dakota teached me about something...
we have to appreciate our child. they're gift from above. parents are the only one who could shape them. but Dakota's parents were failed. she's suffering from a lack of love. that is why she wanted everyone to loves her because she never been loved by her parents.
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