Sunday, April 11, 2010

D-DAY :)

since my goodfriend, both Stephanie Jefry and Albia Justin got married..i kept thinking about my day.

would it be beautiful? would it be the way i want it to be? would i be happily ever after with my man? would it? for sure, oo!! i cant wait for my day!
A couple's wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. And obviously they are expected to talk after the ceremonies and what they say on this day especially matters not only to them but for a lot of other people who have come to witness their wedding. There are wedding showers where the couple is expected to speak and then there are toasts which the couple can speak for each other and the guests also can talk about the couple. A lot of couples write the poems themselves because they know the person whom they are going to marry the best and they are the best people to write about them.

But they have to ensure that whatever they write has to be sensible, sensitive, loving and beautiful. The bride and the groom have to feel special when it is read aloud in front of the guests. The words that are going to ornament the poem have to be chosen with care. It need not be complicated but they can be simple words which say a lot.

Everything they say about their better half has to be with a lot of pride.
i love to write a poem about my man. lol. i have so much thing to tell him but sure! it is all about everything that could make him feel special. i want that day be shine and full of love. i really cant wait. :)
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