Monday, April 12, 2010


you may not know me, my name is cocaine.
I make people cry, I make people shout,
try me twice and you'll never get out.
Once you try me, you'll want more,
I live all around you, I might live next door.
When I possess you, you'll steal, cheat, and lie,
the crimes you'll commit just to get high.
If you need me, I live all around,
I live in your schools, I live in your town.
I'll take everything from you, your morals your pride,
once I'm with you, I’m always by your side.
You'll steal from your mom, and lie to your dad,
even when they cry you are never sad.
Come with me and do my ways,
forget your family and how you were raised.
I turn people from family, and separate friends,
and I'll be your friend in the very end.
Once you're with me you'll never love again,
You'll fade, and blow away with the wind.
I'll take away your family, your friends, your home,
then you won't have anyone, you'll be all alone.
I'll take until you have nothing left to give,
when I'm done with you, there will be no will to live.
I'm warning you this is no game,
you'll be lucky if I don't drive you insane.
I live with you everywhere, even in your bed,
the things you will see inside of your head.
Now that I've got you, you'll never be free,
at the end you'll regret ever trying me.
You should have said no, and walked away,
but instead you said yes and choose to stay.
I can bring more sorrow and misery that words can tell,
if you try me I'll lead you straight to hell.
Now I'm your master, you are my slave,
I'll go with you everywhere even to your grave.
Now that you're met me, what will you do?
will you try me or not, it's all up to you.

drugs cause the child's pain!
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