Monday, April 19, 2010


last night, i was sitting out there...then i take a walk..all by was raining,the street was dark...and i feel dark inside of me. i remembering someone that i loved...very much...and she's in a big trouble.i've been thinking about this trouble that cause her pain in a year and until now, i didnt see a way out. i was such a stupid girl! why did i cant see a way out! even one way out. i've so much dream about her. i want her to be happy.i swore i wont let anyone hurt her as i got hurt.but i she's been hurting more than i and that make me feel such a bitch! i am suck! i am an idiot. i cant protect sorry dear...i am not tough as i think. im weak. and i hate myself because i let you hurt. then, i asked God....

"Bapa, saya tidak mampu melindungi dia.ambil nyawa dia...biar dia duduk bersamaMu di atas ya Bapa.saya terlalu lemah dan andainya dia akan lebih bahagia di atas, ambillah dia Bapa."

because, for a year..i didnt see a way out! but then i realize...percaya pada mukjizatnya... Tuhan tidak pernah berdusta.and i will trust You my Lord...until the end of my life.

terkadang kita merasa
tak ada jalan terbuka
tak ada lagi waktu
terlambat sudah.
Tuhan tak pernah berdusta
Dia slalu pegang janjiNya
bagi orang percaya
mukjizat nyata.
Dia mengerti
Dia peduli
persoalan yang sedang terjadi.
Dia mengerti
Dia peduli
persoalan yang kita alami
namun satu yang Dia minta
agar kita percaya
sampai mukjizat menjadi nyata.

thankyou Lord.
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