Wednesday, April 7, 2010


NOW, she was 30 years old women and this is the story of her life. being abused and never stop the tears.

well, when she and her two sisters were tiny little girls, her mom and her dad got a divorce. and maybe like 6 months later, her mom met this man and his son, and they get married. and so he became their step dad and step brother.

it was winter time, she was like 8 or 9 years old and she dont know where her two sisters were, but she remember her mom and her step brother walking to the store and her ex step dad raped her while they were gone. next thing she was remember, she is sitting on the bathroom floor in a big puddle of blood. and when her mom and her step brother got home her mom came into the bathroom and saw her there. but her mom didnt do anything about it. she was too scared of bonnie's step dad. instead of calling the police,

her mom stayed married for seven horrible years. he used to move them around a lot they used to have start new schools all the time. her step dad continued having sex with her all the time they stayed married. even her step brother had sex with her as well.
her step dad moved them into this farm. and there were no house there or nothing. and her step dad bought this trailor that you hitch onto the back of a truck. they didnt have electric or water or anything. they had to go to school without having a bath, without clean clothes, and he use to beat the three of them and their mom all the time. they were so scared of him.

one day, she and her sisters were on their top bunk and she guess her step dad thought they looked at him funny or something. he came to them and punched bonnie in her belly as hard as he could. she passed out and her mom says her face turn black, she almost died.
finally, she remember her step dad asking all of them if they wanted them to divorce, this was like 7th years they married. she was tired of him and his son, then something inside of her made her brave (she think it was God). she remember she was sayin that she want them to get divorce. so the next day, they all went downtown and in a lawyers office and they started the divorce. and after the divorce, bonnie and her mom and her sisters moved to the town and they live happily together as a family. that is the story of bonnie.

dear readers, if you are getting abused, you need to please tell someone. so you can get the help that you need. and so that you can get out of this abuse. there are lots of people you can go to, a teacher at school, a family member that you trust. do it as fast as you can. and if some of us known that someone got abused, help them. they really need us.

kids are not for fun! they are precious!

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