Saturday, January 30, 2010

kamu sahabat baik saya ma!

She is the best friend that I have; she's always there for me.
She is the perfect model of what, all good friends should be.

She always has a listening ear, and never any judgment.
Then always when I need it most, she has a compliment.

When my life is filled with doubt, she helps me look beyond.
The problems that I have today, and helps until they're gone.

There were a few times in the past, I felt I had betrayed.
Our one on one relationship, with choices I had made.

I know sometimes I hurt her, but she never let it known.
Her understanding gentle heart, is why our friendship's grown.

Unselfish in her attitude, unselfish with her time.
Unselfish in her love for me, this special friend of mine.

Many friends have come and gone, but this one always stays.
I guess she's learned to overcome, my temperamental ways.

She always makes me feel secure, when she is by my side.
I know whatever bothers me, in her I can confide.

I love the time we spend together, strengthening our bond.
Oh, by the way, this friend of mine happens to be my MA.
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